picture of a white-bodied human with dark hair, eyes, and eyebrows, backlit by the sun. xe are smiling slightly, and holding xyr hand up to xyr forehead. tattoos can be glimpsed on xyr knuckles but it is unclear what they are of. the human is wearing a grey t-shirt that says "abolition now" in bold, black lettering.

alexandra axel is a queer, agender abolitionist // a poet, playwright, and novelist from new york city // a therapist, herbalist, and organizer living in jersey city // a caregiver to a perfect dog named hen

alexandra would like to be called “alexandra” over any pronouns but xe/xem/xyrs work (or they/them/theirs for the timid)

image is of a painted scene, glimpsed at the mammoth site upon unceded lakota land, known commonly as south dakota. there is a bold text graphic overlaid on the pastoral image. the text reads: We take care of the land because without the land we have no culture. Our culture cannot exist without these places. - Joshua Lanakilaoka’āinaikapono Manguail