The Practicing Queer

July 20th, 2014 § 0 comments § permalink

Being queer is a practice.

I am a practicing queer.

Practice being queer through sea-kissing.

Practice being queer by eye-gauging women.

Read queer writers on queerness to practice being queer.


But practice slips through fingers like cupped-water.

Do I lose a little queer when I choose half-and-half over whole?

Or close the backyard gate?

Pick lint off of the couch?


Man, no one is queer here because no one is practicing.

A queer hand can’t be held.


Unless I

Keep up the practice.

Keep up the practice.

Because I can’t just run alongside the knowing.


Key Labels.

April 15th, 2014 § 0 comments § permalink

“I’m queer.”

“I’m gay.”

“I’m a lesbian.”

“I’m bisexual.”

“I’m pan-sexual?”

I try all of these on and none of them fit. Maybe I’m not used to it yet? I don’t particularly want to mold myself to fit into a label. But sacrificing a label feels like giving up a key to a community. My community? Others like me. I want to know others like me. What’s the search phrase? Keyword?

I know I’m not alone in this. But it feels like everyone else got the rulebook a long time ago and I just woke up.

Just woke up to who I am. Just woke up into this sexuality.

That’s what happens when you have two decades of practice pushing feelings down. Pushing and pushing until they form a dense pit in your gut: Pre- Big Bang Feelings, topped with alcohol, flambĂ©ed.

Once I put down the drink and cracked open, I could finally love who I loved, without shame.

My insides finally match my outsides. But my outsides don’t quite match my insides. I feel I stand alone, sure of my attraction, but unsure where to turn. I seek a community– I crave friends who feel the same way.

Yet I diminish these feelings, daily. I don’t want to pass in a straight community any longer but I still feel I ought to. It’ll make things less complicated for everyone. Don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable by not identifying. Don’t want to experience the discomfort of not identifying. I want the freedom of not identifying and the community of like-minded people.

I feel like I need a letter in the LGBTQIA alphabet for me to have a proper place in this world.