how you are hungry

March 26th, 2015 § 0 comments

if you find something

small, leave it.


it was meant for someone else.


don’t be so hungry for beauty or meaning

for that kind of hunger

lives by feeding on itself.


you are neither Rasheed nor Mary

who wrote their love in 2011 on

this bathroom wall.


you only ever had a marker or a blank hunger,

never both.


tell someone nearby about universality

and why little boys who’ve never seen guns

pick up sticks and shoot them.


don’t tell yourself these things were meant

for you, these little droppings

to collect in your phone,

skating across the palm of

your hand.


eventually a neighbor will lose their child

to some kind of horrible

and that too will have to have been

meant for you.


the book you’ve been looking for

is marked “free” and sitting in a box of rain,

tasting like the sigh of the storm.


post no bills

untrace what’s been drawn.


leave that all here

sight unseen.


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