Catie Rosemurgy Quotes, in Verse

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Do you want a fucking

                                    meaning nugget?


Here is your meaning nugget.


G. Stein is a

sweet lady

who kicked the top off that shit


Unexpected items in a list—

that’s poetry!!


I don’t give a shit what it means it’s cool.


Untitled, 1997

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Here’s another old one, when I spelled my name like the “e” was just eaten. Clearly a perfectionist and escapist from the start.


The mirror has a reflection

I prefer to play perfection

Mirrors come in small, medium and large

Oh how I love to go on the other side


by Alli Axel, 1997

The Land of Heartbreak, 2007

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I just found this poem in my old email. From September, 2007.


The Land of Heartbreak


I am writing from a place

Of heart break.

A thousand beats away

I lie to you

Between sheets of golden grass

Wrestling with my heart’s infidelity

As blades bend beneath my weight.

A river runs between (us?)

Separating Routine from


The tumbling waters drown

My apology.

At the bottom, graying with decay,

Waits a young heart.

Watery beats count

One, two, three,


This is the land of heartbreak.

(This heart’s on fire).

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